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Frequently Asked Questions




Q?  After completing the order form and submitting my payment, how soon can I expect to receive color suggestions?

A.  Typically you will receive paint color suggestions within 2-3 business days.  


Q?  What do you mean by "quality" of photos?

A.  Your digital photos should be approximately 1mb in size and be a good representation of your project, proper lighting, no blurriness, etc


Q?  How do I pay for your service?

A.  We will review your order and if approved will email you an invoice via PayPal.    


Q?  What if I need color suggestions for my entire house which is more than 2-3 rooms?  

A.  Please contact us and we'll review the entire project.  Multiple room discounts may apply.


Q?  I am outside the USA, can I use your services?

A.  Absolutely. In fact, many of our registered users in 125+ countries have already taken advantage of our services.


Q?  I have photos of some finished projects that I would like to share on your website.  How do I submit them to you?

A.  Simply contact us and we will provide you with all of the details.