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Our Story

Dan Wittenkeller, Founder, RoomVues.comValspar Ivy PasturePittsburgh Paints Sphagnum Moss


My name is Dan Wittenkeller and I am the founder of RoomVues.

I created RoomVues for one simple reason; to provide consumers with professional yet affordable paint color services for their spaces & places.

The RoomVues journey began in 2005 when my wife and I were choosing colors for our new home. Like so many others, our first step was to look through home interior magazines for inspiration and ideas. After thumbing through hundreds of pages and accumulating a small pile of "tear sheets" we were ready to start narrowing down our color choices. Sound familiar?

Viewing photos is one of the first steps a person takes in the color selection process. The problem was that every photo we set aside as a favorite there was no way of knowing the paint brand or paint color name in the photos we were looking at. Presto, an opportunity to fill a universal need was born.

Since nothing existed at the time to fill this need, I created the first online photo gallery (independent from any paint brand or company) that would provide the viewer with the specific paint brand & color shown in each photo setting.  

Shortly after our celebrity-filled online launch party, I immediately became aware that in addition to seeking inspiration through photos, consumers wanted & needed professional help choosing colors at a price they could afford.  So due to this growing demand and with the help of some of the country's best color consultants, I took RoomVues.com into the paint color help business.  

We were pioneers in the online color consulting business. Our revolutionary paint color makeovers became an overnight success. For a very reasonable fee users could simply email us their color dilemmas and include corresponding digital photos. We would in return offer them specific paint color suggestions (brand & color names) and "virtually" paint their digital photos with our color suggestions.  This way our users could get an idea of how their spaces and places could look before they even paint.

Through this popular service we have provided thousands of detailed paint color suggestions for rooms, foyers, front doors, exteriors, salons, offices, medical facilities, restaurants and even a palace.

Today, over a handful of years later with users in 125+ countries, my mission still remains the same...to provide professional yet economical services to help consumers make confident paint color decisions

Here's how we can help you!

          • Inspiration PLUS information in the "free" color photo gallery 
          • Specific paint color suggestions for your home or work projects
          • Digital Photo Painting Service - Full-service paint color visualizer to preview your "finished" projects before you paint


In addition to founding RoomVues.com, Dan Wittenkeller is the creator of the original Tru-Hue Paint Color Test Boards and founder of Color Cares, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in life-changing paint color makeovers